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botellas plasticas, botellas de vidrio

Welcome to botellas plasticas! We begun manufacturing packaging materials in 1980.We are now the world’s largest stock holder of unprinted stand up pouches and botellas plasticass like botellas plasticas of many different sizes and colors. Utilizing the latest equipment, we are able to manufacture the highest quality printed and unprinted botellas plasticass type of botellas plasticas worldwide. Our botellas plasticass type botellas plasticas are food safe.

We stock botellas plasticass type botellas plasticas in many different colors. All the colors of botellas plasticass type botellas plasticas we manufacture are shown below in colored pictures is available in stock ready to dispatch.

botellas plasticass type botellas plasticas will be delivered anywhere in world by DHL or FedEx courier maximum within 7 working days from the date of order.

Typical market for botellas plasticas

  • Energy Drinks (isotonic and sports drinks, highly nutritional energy gels, integrators)
  • Beverages (fruit juices, alcoholic drinks, tea, coffee, milkshakes)
  • Snacks (ice cream, yogurt, sorbet, honey)
  • Sauces (mayonnaise, salad oils, tomato sauce paste, herb pastes, chocolate sauce, all edible oils)
  • Industrial (inks, gels, lubricating oil)
  • Cosmetics (shampoo, conditioner, lotion, cream, foundation, liquid hand wash, liquid soap,)
  • Benefits of using botellas plasticas against Plastic bottles or botellas de vidrio.

    • Best suitable for lower volumes or for new business starters because botellas plasticas is available off the shelf in different sizes and colors and one can start filling the botellas plasticas by themselves so now no need to run to co-packer and no need to invest in big machines for filling as we can now seal the botellas plasticas with a cheap ordinary table top heat sealer. So initial investment in filling machines is almost nil.
    • We can fix adhesive label on the botellas plasticas and can introduce our own brand with very less investment.
    • botellas plasticas is made with multi layer laminates with different substrates. So shelf life of the product is very good.
    • The botellas plasticas is ideal for viscous products because the body of pouch is soft and can be squeezed.
    • Good presentation in supermarket and can stand upright with total adhesive label area facing on front so this improves visibility and product sells more.
    • botellas plasticas utilize less space than plastic bottles or botellas de vidrio so transportation cost is cheap and saves money.
    • botellas plasticas consumes less plastic than plastic bottles or botellas de vidrio so it is environment friendly.
    • botellas plasticas requires less space to dispose than plastic bottles or botellas de vidrio
    • Important Questions and Answers.

      • What sort of time frame should I allow for delivery of our orders of spouted pouch type botellas plasticas?
      • Like any business in order to meet your requirements of plastic bottle/glass bottle type botellas plasticas we like to receive as much notice as possible. However we realize this isn’t always possible. When spouted pouch type botellas plasticas order is placed it normally takes period between 2-5 working days in transit. All our botellas plasticass type order shipped same day or next business day. If custom botellas plasticas are ordered than pouches will be ready in 15 days.

      • Can I order small quantity of spouted pouch type botellas plasticas?
      • Yes. Because we have botellas plasticas in stock in our factory, We can fulfill botellas plasticas orders minimum from 2000 bags and up for non printed bags {stock item colors} in our stock item colors you can select any color and any size and make it total quantity 200 bags. and in custom printed bags our minimum quantity is 15000 bags.

      • How is my plastic spouted pouch type botellas plasticas shipped?
      • We ship spouted pouch type botellas plasticas by UPS, FedEx, Or DHL couriers. Other freight forwarding companies can be used upon request.
      • How many spouted pouch type botellas plasticas are packed in 1 case {1 Box} and what is the weight of each case {each box}?stand up pouch / printed bags?
        We pack 1000 plastic spouted pouch type botellas plasticas in 1 case {1 Box}. And some of our sizes are packed 500. Please click here to view our complete list of weight of 1 case {box} of botellas plasticas with quantity packed in case {box}.
      • How many spouted pouch type botellas plasticas should I order if I want custom printed?
      • Our minimum quantity of custom printed spouted pouch type botellas plasticas is 15,000 bags.

      • Can you help us deciding the best suited film we need to pack our products in spouted pouch type botellas plasticas?

      • Yes Our engineers can work with you to develop best suited materials and size of plastic spouted pouch type botellas plasticas. Please click here for help deciding the best suited materials to pack your product.

      • What is the time frame taken for custom printed plastic liquid bag type botellas plasticas?

      • For custom printed glass liquid bag type botellas plasticas our lead time will be 15 days for production and 5 days by air shipment or 20 days by sea shipment { we only ship sea shipment above 25000 bags.sea shipment works out to be much cheaper option}. However if it is urgent we can rush.

      • What is needed to provide you if I want custom printed liquid bag type botellas plasticas?
      • We need your design in soft copy. Please click here for our artwork requirements.

      • I don’t need any high graphic design to be printed in my spouted pouch type botellas plasticas; I want to print only our logo and some text matter. Does it take the same amount of time as high graphical designed printed plastic bottles/ botellas de vidrio type botellas plasticas?
      • No. Time frame will be shorter for simple graphic plastic bottles / botellas de vidrio type botellas plasticas. Please contact our sales team ASAP.

      • How do I measure a liquid bag type botellas plasticas? 


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